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SurgeryShopper.com helps group health purchasers and plan administrators of any size group lower claim spend

Save $15,000+ per case for many of the surgery procedures we list when you contract direct-with-providers with our help!

Discover the cost containment you can rely on through transparent, bundled surgery prices through our network of pre-qualified, accredited health facilities throughout the USA. Then we'll help your plan participants every step of the way to plan, travel and access care with the assistance of our clinically-trained, professional and experienced concierge team.

And did we mention ... no monthly network access fees?


SurgeryShopper.com makes it easier for health plans, self-funded employers, and unions to make informed decisions and take control of their healthcare spend. ​

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Understand how a surgical cost containment program can help your company or municipality save money - net, after travel employee program incentives are paid for.

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If your broker, TPA or some other entity is pitching surgical cost containment through medical travel to you, you need to read this free Ebook before the pitch so you know what such a program looks like, the prices you should listen for and the set up costs, timelines, qualifications, and patient interaction and plan reporting samples for comparison you should expect.

Use our handy fill in the blanks SURGICAL COST ESTIMATOR™ tool to help you make realistic cost comparisons more accurately before you decide. Determine if you can save money and how much with a little past claims research.

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Offer plans with lower deductibles

Reduce reinsurance expenses

Raise beneficiary satisfaction

Surgery Shopper.com helps our clients to save money on surgery expenses through:

Excellent board certified surgeons and anesthesiologists, accredited inpatient and outpatient surgical facilities
Transparent, bundled surgery pricing for consumers and group health purchasers
Concierge Care Coordination and travel support before, during and after surgery
Predictability in future surgical claims costs
The list of the procedures contained on SurgeryShopper.com are only a partial listing of the most popular procedures that can be performed by the providers in our network. Please call for clarification and to verify inclusions and exclusions. (800) 209.7263

Here's the Benchmark You'll Need to Evaluate and Compare Bundled Pricing

Bundled pricing generally includes the following:
  • the initial surgical consultation
  • pre-admission care continuity conference, if indicated
  • facility fee
  • anesthesia fee
  • surgeon fee
  • discharge management visit
  • hand off care continuity conference, if indicated
  • hardware, implants and prosthetic
Quotes generally exclude: 
  • any lab, EKG, x-rays, biopsy, MRI, etc.
  • additional consultations to determine/assess the medical risk of surgery
  • physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • expenses or fees associated with or resulting from complications both subsequent to the completion of the procedure/surgery and discharge from the facility
  • any lodging and travel expenses
  • follow up office consultations and aftercare (x-rays, supplies, etc.) post discharge from the facility
But you’ll also qualify for all these extras when you coordinate surgery through SurgeryShopper.com: 
  • Delegated credentialing and privileging (better due diligence, quicker access to care)
  • Surgeon, assistant surgeon and anesthesiologist discounts
  • Facility fee discounts
  • Fully-hosted site inspection visits
  • Single line item billing (eliminates the need for costly audits – everything is bundled into one price)
  • One set of medical records at no charge upon request
  • Payer-provider direct contracts mean you won’t pay monthly access fees or intermediary costs to supply a network
  • Full transparency, no broker or agent markups, avoid costly TPA, ASO and PPO markups
  • No extra costs for implants – everything’s bundled into a single quote
  • Services billed at the negotiated rate, so you won’t pay costly TPA or ASO or PPO re-pricing fees
  • Free prescription discount card for access to discounts at over 60,000 chain and independent pharmacies, nationwide
  • Exclusive air travel, ground transfer and hotel discounts for plan participants
  • Plan participants can access your surgery cost containment program, plan travel, arrange care and aftercare and more through our secure portal 
  • Our concierge team is experienced and prepared to help with all arrangements, follow up care continuity, and outcomes measurement
  • Access to full-service consulting to help you set up your cost containment surgery carve-out program without changing TPAs or brokers or other advisers

We work with the following groups:

Self-Insured Companies
Taft Hartley & Union Plans
Municipalities, County and State Government
School Boards, Universities and Colleges
Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs)
Farm Bureaus / Credit Unions
Health Sharing Ministries
TPAs & Benefits Consultants
Reinsurers and Health Insurance Captives